Policies & Forms

Below are the recently revised Policies and Forms:

About this Manual

Annual Meeting Policy

Cart Shed Policy

Cart Use Policy

Guest Pass Booklet

Leagues for HPRAI Members Policy

Membership and Dues Policy

Room Rental Rate Policy

General Employee Guidelines Policy

Job Description - Caddy Shack

Job Description Tournament Director

Tournament Event Policy

Tournament Request Form

Tournament Post Report

Commercial Venture, Including Golf Lessons, for Profit by an outside agency

Commercial Venture, Including Golf Lessons, Form

Disabled Persons Policy

High School Golf Members Agreement

High School Golf Teams Agreement

Request Form High School Tournament-Match-Scrimmage

Range Ball Pass Policy

Course Rules Policy

Green Fees & Cart Rental Fees Policy

Acknowledgement and Disclaimer General Employee Guidelines Form

Comments Form

Hardship Case Application Form

Room Rental Form

Job Application