The Indian Hills Men’s and Women’s Golf Associations (IHMGA and IHWGA) operate independently from the HPRAI Board of Directors.  HPRAI membership does not include golf association fees, but you must become a HPRAI member in order to be a golf association member and to play on or substitute on a league.

Joining a league is easy!  You can sign up in the Caddy Shack or contact the league directors:


-Aaron Prior at 970-324-0134 or aaronp@mypfsinsurance.com
-Men’s League Advisory Committee
-Aaron Prior
-Luke Goeglein
-Gaylen Campbell
-Chad Baucke
-Steve Winger
-Lyle Smith
-League play on Thursdays
-2018 League play begins on 5/10/2018


-Abby Rahm at 970-630-5292 or yumaladiesgolfassoc@gmail.com
-League play on Wednesdays


-Aaron Prior at 970-324-0134 or aaronp@mypfsinsurance.com
-League play on Fridays or as scheduled

IHMGA and IHWGA members can play in league or club tournaments, and the Association keeps your handicap.  To have an accurate league handicap and ensure a level playing field, you must turn in every scorecard and play by USGA rules.  For more information about the IHMGA and IHWGA, contact the league director or see the Caddy Shack.  You can also consult The Rules of Golf and Decisions on the Rules of Golf published by the USGA to familiarize yourself with the rules of golf.  You can view this publication online at www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-of-Golf/Rules-and-Decisions/.

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